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  • Top 5 Thanksgiving and Fall Mascots to Add Festive Flair to Your Celebrations

    As the autumn season embraces us with its vibrant colors and cozy atmosphere, it's time to spice up your festivities with delightful mascots that capture the essence of Thanksgiving and Fall. Here are our top picks to infuse your gatherings with seasonal cheer:

    1. Turkey Mascot: No Thanksgiving celebration is complete without the iconic turkey! Invite this jovial mascot to your gathering to spread laughter and joy among guests of all ages. The Turkey Mascot adds a touch of whimsy and tradition to your event, making it a hit with everyone.
    Shop Link: https://www.qualitymascotscostumes.com/en/turkey

    2. Minnie and Mickey Pilgrims: Embrace the spirit of the Pilgrim era with the beloved Minnie and Mickey dressed in Pilgrim attire. These classic characters bring a nostalgic charm to your Thanksgiving festivities, making them perfect for themed parties or events.
    Shop Link: https://www.qualitymascotscostumes.com/en/pilgrim-mickey-mouse

    3. Winnie The Pooh (for a Fall-themed Party): For an autumn-inspired celebration, bring the beloved characters of the Hundred Acre Wood to life. Winnie The Pooh and friends create a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere, ideal for Fall-themed parties or gatherings.
    Shop Link: https://www.qualitymascotscostumes.com/en/winnie-pooh-2

    4. Minnie and Mickey Vampires: Add a playful and spooky twist to your Fall festivities with Minnie and Mickey dressed as vampires. These charming yet slightly eerie mascots are perfect for Halloween-themed events or costume parties during the autumn season.
    Shop Link: https://www.qualitymascotscostumes.com/en/mickey-mouse-vampire

    5. Frankenstein Mascot: For those seeking a touch of the eerie and mysterious, Frankenstein makes an unforgettable addition to Fall gatherings. This iconic monster mascot brings a unique and thrilling ambiance to any Halloween or Fall celebration.
    Shop Link: https://www.qualitymascotscostumes.com/en/frankenstein

    At Quality Mascot Costumes, we offer a delightful selection of these top Thanksgiving and Fall mascots, ready to elevate the fun and excitement of your seasonal gatherings. Make your autumn celebrations truly memorable by inviting these charming characters to join the party!

  • Dolls Surprise


    If you like fashion, this will be your favorite section, if you love colors, brightness, walking down the street, and being a success, we have options for you, thanks to our Dolls Surprise theme, which brings the best costumes because we know that you are a fan and you want to make many people happy or surprise them on some special date.

    The items we offer are made with quality materials in all their dimensions, they provide comfort and freedom of movement due to the variety of sizes available to the customer.

    She is a very cute, cheerful, or witty doll, she loves to always look good and is very happy to be part of the Dolls Surprise family, her name is Merbaby and she is ready to play and have fun with the little ones in the house.

    Imagine the big smile your little ones will have when they see this cute costume, Merbaby brings a mermaid costume: purple hair with glitter details, a pink top, and a light blue mermaid fin, it is the perfect costume to surprise anyone and it is for sale for you because we know that you are fans of this adorable baby.

    This costume is like to take anywhere, to give a birthday surprise, to share moments of happiness with family and friends because, at Quality Mascots Costumes, we think of everything to give you quality costumes and make you part of our thousands of customers. satisfied.

    The mascot costume can reach anywhere in the world, you just have to call and order it, don't waste any more time, our consultants will give you all the information you need, don't wait any longer to experience the magic.

    Make way for the girl who is always in fashion, she always sets trends with each of her dresses, she always has the perfect outfit for every occasion, she is our Diva 1, who is very happy to be part of the great collection of Dolls Surprise and has thousands of tips to make every girl look spectacular.

    This costume is available in all sizes and has a Diva 2 option, it is top 3 in fashion, it has silver hair, accompanied by a fuchsia bow, in addition, our doll wears a black dress with fuchsia details, black and white; and finally, fuchsia boots to achieve the perfect combination; beauty and a lot of comfort in a quality costume.

    Call now and start living the magic that only Quality Mascots Costumes can offer, we ship anywhere in the world and at the best market price, because if our clients are happy, so are we.

     She is brilliant wherever you look, very beautiful and adorable, she wants to have fun, dance, sing and especially make new friends, her name is Glitter Queen, who not only dresses very fashionable but has an unsurpassed style.

    This costume is sold in all sizes to offer you the greatest comfort and fun when wearing it, you will attract everyone's attention because it has pink hair, a gold glitter blouse, and bow, a glitter fuchsia skirt with gold details and boots in white, definitely the outfit of the day.

    Our products reach any part of the world because we want to bring joy to thousands of homes, at the best market price, call us now and live the Quality Mascots Costumes experience.

    From a world of colors, where rainbows are born, comes a doll with glamor and a lot of fantasy; cheerful, funny and a fan of fashion, our character is Unicorn, who brings a lot of magic to share with all the girls in the world.

    Many will be surprised with this costume, it can be yours now because it is already on sale, available for you in any of the sizes you prefer. We want to offer our customers the greatest comfort and fun, that's why we have the best prices on the market.

    Our mascots reach any part of the world because we want to bring joy to thousands of homes, at the best market price, call us now and live the Quality Mascots Costumes experience.


  • My Little Pony

    The world of magic, colors, adventure, fun, and much more invades the Quality Mascots Costumes family, who thought of sharing that happiness with you, putting at your disposal this wonderful collection of My Little Pony costumes.

    Our products reach any part of the world, they are made to order in advance, to guarantee that their manufacture is the best in the market, offering comfort and fun, two things that together are wonderful.

    She is the leader of all the ponies, represents all the power of magic, she likes to learn new things every day, she does not like chaos because she only wants to give joy to all the little ones in the house to play celebration, her name is Twilight Sparkle and she is part of our great My Little Pony mascot.

    This beautiful costume is available in all sizes, for comfort and ease of movement. All the mascot costumes are handmade and with quality materials. The images show the product and the colors used such as purple, blue, and fuchsia, to give it that touch to be the best princess in Celestia.

    Thanks to its magical rainbow, our costumes reach anywhere in the world, you just have to call us now and we will give you all the necessary information, so you can surprise family and friends, don't wait any longer to live the Quality Mascots Costumes experience.

    She adores music, she likes honesty and above all being outdoors, walking in the countryside, seeing nature, her name is Applejack and we are sure that if you have an adventurous soul you will want to have this mascot to give joy to adults and children.

    This is a very special costume, part shows a wonderful collection of My Little Pony, handmade and available in all sizes for comfort and freedom of movement; we want to see you happy and that is why we strive to give you the best.

    Thanks to its magical rainbow, our costumes reach anywhere in the world, you just have to call us now and we will give you all the necessary information, so you can surprise family and friends, don't wait any longer to live the Quality Mascots Costumes experience.

    She loves speed and racing, she always wants to win, she is the most competitive of the ponies, her main element of harmony is loyalty. She is very crazy because she always wants to tease her friends, her name is Rainbow Dash and she is willing to eat all the cotton candy if you are.

    With this magnificent costume, you can be part of the Wonderbolts, you will be number one thanks to the comfort, quality, and availability of sizes that we have to ensure fun, on the occasion you want. Let that joker's soul flow and surprise more than one with the purchase of this character.

    Thanks to its magical rainbow, our costumes reach anywhere in the world, you just have to call us now and we will give you all the necessary information, so you can surprise family and friends, don't wait any longer to live the Quality Mascots Costumes experience.

    Make way, everyone, her majesty has arrived, intending to make all the children of the kingdom happy, Princess Celestia will fight against any evil to prevent evil from entering their homes; she is leading the ponies and she really wants to have fun.

    It is a great costume for all kinds of special dates, in white with gold details, purple hair and a beautiful crown, it’s available for you in any size, the only thing that matters is your desire to have a good time and enjoy a quality product, made to order. Hand to make our customers happy.

    Thanks to its magical rainbow, our costumes reach anywhere in the world, you just have to call us now and we will give you all the necessary information, so you can surprise family and friends, don't wait any longer to live the Quality Mascots Costumes experience.

    These costumes can be used to surprise someone special or for a business, My Little Pony will always be in fashion and is loved by all the girls in the world. Do not miss the opportunity to see the happiness in the eyes of your special someone, we have different sizes to suit you. If you want a custom costume, we can do it, just send us a message and we will gladly assist you. Our clients around the world guarantee our excellent work and the quality of the mascots.

  • Sesame Street

    For many, their favorite show is Sesame Street, at Quality Mascots Costumes we have all the costumes from this incredible production. Our mascot costumes are made of sponge with large mesh in the eyes or mouth where they can breathe. These incredible mascots are the same as the ones on the show, they will think you took them from TV, everyone will be surprised. We work with quality materials, we have all your favorite characters Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Julia, among others.

    You can buy these costumes to surprise a special person or for your business. Can you imagine seeing Elmo at the door of your business? All the children will want to enter. These Sesame Street costumes attract the attention of adults and kids. If you have a production company for children's events, these dolls will serve you well and you can have all the children's favorite characters and increase the sale in your business.

    From today you will be able to do many happy dances because a tender friend came to make you smile and learn new things together. All that and more can be done with Elmo Costume, the most comfortable of all costumes, fluffy, only here at Quality Mascots Costumes. With just one purchase you will have a new friend at home, you can wear this costume whenever you want and surprise your friends and family, you will move to the rhythm of the music you like the most.

    We all love cookies, and if you like to devour them, there is a friend who could eat all the cookies in the world, he is a monster, but a lot of fun, it is the Cookie Monster costume. Together they can make a competition eat cookies until they can no longer. The materials used are very comfortable, ideal for any type of event in which you participate, and want to bring smiles to adults and children. You will have the best memories if you buy this mascot now, do not wait any longer to live the experience with Quality Mascots Costumes.

    Magic, joy and fun make the perfect combination, but it can be better if you bring home the Abby Cadabby mascot, with flower details in her hair, a light blue dress, touches of glitter, and two magic wings to complete the perfect characterization. The best costume you can choose for any occasion, just let your imagination take you for a walk and you will live unforgettable stories with this adorable little friend. She will teach you many magic tricks that you will learn very quickly.

    Yellow is very special for everyone, it symbolizes joy and is perfect for the new year, but it would be even more so if you buy the Big Bird costume now; our huge yellow friend comes recharged with madness to receive a very happy birthday. The materials used are of high quality and planned for the comfort of our customers, we like to think of everything, so we have at your fingertips this fabulous character that will arrive at the door of your house if you call our contact now. Big Bird will be very happy to be with you, make jokes, dance and that you can dress up as him because we know you are a fan, we also bring the best price on the market for you, what are you waiting for to experience the magic of Sesame Street with Big Bird?

    There are many stories to tell, and the right character for it is Count Von Count, he loves to tell everything he can, and more than one will learn to tell in his own style, in the most fun way to have a fun time. The count's costume is very elegant, it has a coat, black pants, a cape, and black shoes to give it a touch of mystery, it is very comfortable to wear anywhere and made with high-quality materials. You can take all the photographs you want, show off to your friends that you live with the count accountant and challenge them to say a number so that together with him you can tell everything that is within your reach. We are sure that you will not regret buying this wonderful costume, because only Quality Mascots Costumes can make it possible, at the best price on the market, this costume would be great to wear on Halloween, a very fun party.

    Julia is a very sweet, attentive, and very creative girl. She is special in her way, she always likes to do things in a different way, she loves to share with friends, always plays and now you can have a costume of her to play with the whole family. She has nice orange hair, a pink and purple shirt, and green shorts. You will be able to jump in total comfort thanks to the quality of the suit and all the energy that this beautiful character from Sesame Street that we already have for sale. All you have to do is want to have fun in a special and different way, because, with a single call, Julia will arrive at the door of your house to make all those who want to be her friends happy, buy now this wonderful costume that only Quality Mascots Costumes it can offer.

    For Berth and Ernie, everything is better dancing, they like to learn singing and dancing, they could do that all day long, although Ernie is a little more cheerful and Berth growls a little, they both complement each other because they are the best friends in the world. Both costumes have crazy hair, they have striped shirts and very comfortable pants. We are sure you adore these mascots and more than one will want to have costumes like these to surprise their family and friends. You can use it with your best friend or with a family member to give him an incredible surprise or for your business. This crazy couple wants to discover a world and they are for sale for you, do not miss the opportunity to buy these characters that belong to our great collection of Sesame Street and live the Quality Mascots Costumes experience to the fullest.

    He has a sacred hymn that represents him, there is no need to stand up, you just have to hug each other, he always invites everyone to join in to be grumpy like him, but he always ends up bringing a smile to others. He is a great green character, he has very big eyebrows, he loves mud, he has an infectious laugh, he loves dirt and being inside a garbage can, but he ends up singing many fun songs that from now on you can share with friends and family in any time of the year, you just have to make a call, buy it and go.

    The quality of the Oscar costume is very good, it provides maximum comfort in any of the available sizes that we have because we know that adults and children want to embody this magnificent character and try to make jokes to more than one and make many puns. Call now and buy our incredible mascot, it is part of our Sesame Street Costumes.

    Espinete loves to learn new things, he is very curious and this time he discovered how to echo, he is looking for new friends to play, dance, and jump with while still learning. Espinete is an adorable pink mascot, with brown spiky hair that characterizes it as the prettiest on Sesame Street. This great costume is for sale for you, so you can have it at any occasion, party or event and use it for all time of parties where joy will be the first, it is available in sizes for all people, because we think of you and your desire to have incredible moments with the characters of Sesame Street. We know you are a true fan, call now and feel the Quality Mascots Costumes experience.

    You are ready to fill yourself with energy, to climb mountains, travel the world as a traveler by vocation, now you can be a globetrotter like Don Pimpon, the idea is to have fun and have new adventures to share with friends and family. You will never forget where you are with this adorable mascot, which is on sale for you and all true Sesame Street fans. The costume has a funny yellow nose, a white hat, blue overalls, and a red and yellow t-shirt, Don Pimpon is the best option.

    Buy our mascots now and you will have an incredible experience thanks to the comfort offered by the quality of our products, with great finishes and the only objective is to make adults and children smile, because we have the sizes you need available, just call now and We will give you all the information to start the fun. You can buy our costumes to grow your business, you can use it in children's events, graduations, carnivals, theaters. Our clients guarantee the quality of our costumes only with Quality Mascots Costumes you can make all the costumes you want to come true. Contact us and we will gladly assist you, we deliver around the world.

  • PJ Masks

    Imagine being able to save the day, help your neighbor, defeat all the villains with your friends at night, while in the morning you are a student and tender children; that story full of adventure and joy you will live with our themed PJ Mask Costume, which brings the best character costumes for you.

    We have the best quality products, you can order anywhere in the world and in all available sizes, to ensure maximum comfort and fun with each of the members of your beautiful family. We introduce you to each of the costumes in this amazing pajama theme.

    Catboy is the great leader of this group of superheroes, he has the ability of super speed and feline hearing. He has an amazing blue suit. Imagine running through the park, dancing, defending your friends. Catboy always has something in mind "to teach to be a hero", so, you cannot miss the great opportunity to buy this costume that we have for sale to make a special being happy.

    Our next PJ Mask costume is Gekko, he wants to share his powers: camouflage you in nature thanks to the green color, have so much strength to carry up to 2 tons, without a doubt that would go a long way to help your friends and family. This incredible mascot is amazing, very comfortable and now it can be yours, what are you waiting to order it?

    She is Owlette, a very happy girl with the power to create a whirlwind with her wings, a vision of Owl, with which she can see villains from far away and be always ready for action. You will have that power if you decide on this beautiful red costume, you will save the day wherever you go and the best thing is that you will do it together with your friends, without a doubt, learn to be a great heroine.

    There is no crazier scientist than him, Romeo is the craziest villain of all and will seek to conquer good using his mobile laboratory creating a new invention every day. Despite this, it is very funny and we have his costume because he will teach a lot of positive science to all those who want to learn, his suit is perfect, he has scientist glasses, a very funny crazy hairstyle and his characteristic white robe, blue gloves and black boots. This mascot can also be used to teach children that being a scientist is fun or for some teachers who want to surprise their students. Do you want to see the smile on the faces of many children? This costume is for you.

    Those mascots can be used for any party or event, you can use it at a Halloween party, a children's party, a costume party or some carnivals. You can also use it in your business to increase your sales or start an event business. Do you want to surprise your son or daughter at their birthday party? Well, you can wear this costume and be his favorite character from PJ Mask. Don't miss the opportunity to see the joy and excitement in your child's eyes, this may be the best surprise of their life.

    We have different sizes in all our mascots and if you want a custom costume, we can also do it, whatever costume you have in mind. Our mascots are made of sponge with large mesh in the eyes or mouth of the costumes where you can see and receive ventilation. All our mascots costumes are the same as the image they see on the screen, our clients from around the world guarantee it. Start your children's event producer with these incredible quality costumes.

    We know that there are many fans of this theme, that's why we take it anywhere in the world, because our goal is to make each one of our costumes happy. There is nothing better than sharing adventures and we are sure that you want to live unforgettable moments, that is why they are for sale with the best prices on the market, do not wait any longer to live the experience with Quality Mascots Costumes.

  • Dog Patrol

    The best dogs came to Quality Mascots Costumes to fill you with joy and surprise. The Paw Patrol in charge of Ryder, Marshall, Chase, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma and Everest want to live many  adventures with you. You can use these costumes to start your business, for children's parties or any type of event.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to prepare a surprise for your special one and see his face of happiness. These are quality costumes, made by our staff with the clothes and accessories just like your favorite TV characters.

    The best firefighter of all, Marshal will always give his best, he is the fastest firefighter puppy in the world, he is the master of breaking records and he is ready to help in whatever you need, he will definitely be your best friend. It’s a cute Dalmatian puppy, with a red vest or firefighter helmet, very comfortable to wear anywhere, it is one of the best costumes you can have and a fundamental part of our Dog Patrol costumes. This mascot is already for sale, because we think about the joy of the little ones in the house and all the joy that can be given with a costume with this one, we have the available sizes that you need, you just have to call now and request the purchase; Quality Mascots Costumes is the best choice.

    The good police dog is also part of this magnificent patrol, Chase is always alert for any emergency, solving mysteries or finding the crazy redfish. He is very intelligent and full of energy to meet the goals of the day. The costume of this cute is already on sale, his fur is brown, he has a police hat, a blue vest and a medal with a star for being a great mascot and being essential to solve all the mysteries of Paw Patrol. Feeling comfortable has never been so easy, this and all our costumes are high quality, we handle different sizes for all customer tastes. Be part of the Quality Mascots Costumes family, buy now and live the best shopping experience with our team.

    Ryder loves making friends, he is the leader of Dog Patrol, he is always aware of everything that happens in the city to organize the team and save the day. He is a very intelligent boy and loved by all his mascots. Now you can impersonate the leader of Dog Patrol with the new costume that we have for sale, no matter the size, we have the right ones for you, you just have to call us and we will make sure you receive all the necessary information to make your purchase safe. The costume has a vest in white, red and light blue details, blue pants and the unique hair of this great leader; The materials we use are comfortable and of quality that will give the best surprise to family and friends, we are sure that more than one will have fun.

    Nothing is difficult for him, Rubble is always ready for action, always alert when Ryder needs him. He is indicated to lift the most thoughtful sadness and turn it into joy, it will always be a good option to give a gift to the little ones in the house and make them very happy. This great costume is already available in our store, you just have to request it and it will arrive at your door anywhere in the world, the sizes available are varied; to call, one of our advisors will give you the information you need to be happy with your purchase. The costume includes the character in brown fur color, a yellow helmet and vest and the inevitable medal with a good puppy star, it is the perfect combination to give a pleasant surprise to more than one, do not wait any longer to be part of the Quality Mascots Costumes family.

    An adorable mascot, Skye with big furry ears, loves helping people and being part of the Dog Patrol team; the aviator of these funny little dogs is always solving more than one problem in the heights, always leaving everything for the team. The costume has a light brown fur, has a backpack, a vest and a pair of wind glasses in pink, all ready for action anywhere in the world, because no matter where you are, our costume is for sale and available to make our customers happy. We have several sizes available to make it more comfortable. Be part of the Quality Mascots Costumes family with the best costumes for all types of events, give more than a costume, a complete experience.

    A recycling specialist, Rocky with him you will learn a lot about caring for the environment, he is the friend to take care of the world from pollution and he is ready to represent a dog patrol in any eco-friendly competition. The costume is of an Australian Shepherd puppy, with lead-colored fur, has a green backpack, cap and vest, and the inevitable recycler champion medal to give the best appearance to this great character. We have sizes available to make your experience more comfortable. It is a very comfortable pet to use on any occasion, available to reach any part of the world, because it is already on sale to make adults and children happy at home; Quality Mascots Costumes is the best choice for you.

    He is a puppy specialized in aquatic rescues, he loves to do underwater research, but, above all, until he cannot, his name is Zuma and he comes home with the sole objective of making everyone happy. The costume is of a brown labrador puppy, it has a vest, orange helmet and its champion medal the inevitable water. He is full of enough energy to infect adults and children and have a good time. We have sizes available to make your experience more comfortable. This mascot is for sale and reaches anywhere in the world, thanks to your friends from Quality Mascots Costumes, you just have to call us and we will give you the necessary information, the key to happiness with this adorable mascot.

    Pink Dog Patrol's best friend has arrived, the caretaker of the mountains, always attentive to rescue other lost or endangered animals, her name Everest and this season comes to play with all the puppies and make your family happy. This cute mascot's costume is purple, has a light blue vest and helmet and a medal that she won for making many children around the world happy, she loves her work and we do too, that's why it's on sale for you, to make you smile.

    Our products reach any part of the world and in all available sizes, you just have to order the purchase now and you will start living a fantasy moment that only Quality Mascots Costumes can offer you. We have different sizes S, M, L, XL and 2XL, we make custom costumes. If you have any questions just write to us and we will gladly answer you, we are here to assist you as best we can. Our clients support us, we have the best prices in the market and we arrive around the world. Buy our mascots from the comfort of your home and you will receive it at your door.



  • Cocomelon

    A theme for everyone, adults and children, each member of the family will enjoy the rhymes of their songs; They are here to stay, our friends from Cocomelon. They want to dance, sing and have a fun time, do not wait any longer to have at home, any of the adorable characters that we have for you.

    WATERMELON is a fruit that enjoys making everyone happy, you will sing along with it. This cute costume is available in all the sizes you want, because we think of you and the desire you have to make more than one smile. The finishes are handmade and the images include each of the accessories.

    TOMTOM He is a happy child, eager to travel the world and sings many songs with you; It has a blue suit, a hat, glasses, and more accessories so that your characterization is the best. Our costume is available in all sizes, it is very comfortable to give you that freedom you need to be the best.

    YOYO She is the bad sweet girl of all, she has a very cool hairstyle and a beautiful purple dress. It is a very comfortable costume and available in all sizes. We think of you, and the desire you have to give joy, together with yoyo, you will sing and learn at the same time.

    JJ BABY This time, we have two incredible options for you: JJ Baby, a version without headphones and JJ Baby 2, which includes headphones; both with special details and handmade finishes. Best of all, we have a variety of sizes available so there is no excuse for having this beautiful costume in your hands. With Cocomelon costumes, being a child again will be the best option, because to enjoy and see the children of the house grow, you will need to have any of the beautiful characters as an ally. Each costume is available for more than 230 countries, because only Quality Mascots Costumes can do it, and you know it.

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    This is throughout history, the group of friends best known to all, could not miss in Quality Mascots Costumes, our friends from the house of Mickey Mouse; Make your dream come true and give life to the character you want by celebrating a special date.

    The most loved mouse by all, Mickey Mouse, who accompanied by the sweet Minnie Mouse are the ideal option for adults and children, to spend a pleasant moment among friends; there are also the adorable Donald and Daysi, who accompany the adventures of mice at all times.

    You can not miss Micky's inseparable friend, we refer to Pluto who, with his antics, gives joy to the house of the mouse. We also have a crazy Goofy that with his witticisms always makes his friends laugh and share unforgettable adventures. If you also want to be part of these inseparable characters, you have the option to interpret your favorite through the disguise made with top quality materials that provides the necessary comfort to make your moments, unique. These costumes are not just for kids, they are also made for adults.

    If you have no idea what to use in Halloween, events like kids birthday parties, corporate events, schools, universities, fundraisings, picnics, carnivals, parade and more; do not miss the opportunity to acquire this fancy dress through our company, to use them in your favorite places.

  • Moana

    Do you want to be a brave and adventurous princess? Do not know what to use at your birthday party, Halloween or event? Do you want to make a cosplay of a particular character? You can identify yourself with Moana, wearing this dress and live a wonderful new adventure day after day thanks to the theme offered by Quality Mascots Costumes, with those fancy dress.

    Moana is a girl who fights for her dreams and is not afraid of anything, Maui is a big and strong demigod. If you want to be like her or him, today you can achieve it and become your favorite character only with our company, where you will find a quality disguise so that you can enjoy your day being your favorite figure.

    These costumes are for adults and children, you can use it for comparsas, parades or any occasion and place, to have an adventure in the ocean like Moana. You and your daughter can disguise themselves and their companion Maui sharing pleasant moments and playing without stopping.

    You can not miss this opportunity to be the princess or character you want to be, using these botanies of Moana or Maui and spend many adventures together and unforgettable.

  • Costumes of The Incredibles - Disney Pixar

    The Incredibles have just arrived to Quality Mascots Costumes to bring fun and tons of entertainment to you. These good quality characters will be the main attraction of not only kids, but also adults at any event you might have. Events like kids birthday parties, corporate events, schools, universities, fundraisings, picnics, carnivals and more. These costumes are also the perfect idea to wear on Halloween and are made for the whole family.

    Bob Parr or better known as Mr. Increible is known for his strength and dexterity, he cares for and protects his family, he is a great father and superhero. Helen Parr or also known as Elastigirl is the mother of this incredible family, who defends them with any skill and agility. Violeta is the older sister, a teenage girl who has the power to become invisible. Dash is the second brother, he is fast. Finally there is the incredible baby Jack Jack family, who has several powers, one of them is to change shape.

    These fancy dress will be beautiful to use in comparsas or parades and children's parties, so you can enjoy the moment with friends or family. They are of high quality, they are made for children and adults, you will feel incredible with those skills and you will be able to show others their power.

    You can not miss this opportunity to become your favorite character, wearing this disguise and move from the movie to real life. You can be any member of this great incredible family and be one of these heroes in red.