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Party Themes

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    This is throughout history, the group of friends best known to all, could not miss in Quality Mascots Costumes, our friends from the house of Mickey Mouse; Make your dream come true and give life to the character you want by celebrating a special date.

    The most loved mouse by all, Mickey Mouse, who accompanied by the sweet Minnie Mouse are the ideal option for adults and children, to spend a pleasant moment among friends; there are also the adorable Donald and Daysi, who accompany the adventures of mice at all times.

    You can not miss Micky's inseparable friend, we refer to Pluto who, with his antics, gives joy to the house of the mouse. We also have a crazy Goofy that with his witticisms always makes his friends laugh and share unforgettable adventures. If you also want to be part of these inseparable characters, you have the option to interpret your favorite through the disguise made with top quality materials that provides the necessary comfort to make your moments, unique. These costumes are not just for kids, they are also made for adults.

    If you have no idea what to use in Halloween, events like kids birthday parties, corporate events, schools, universities, fundraisings, picnics, carnivals, parade and more; do not miss the opportunity to acquire this fancy dress through our company, to use them in your favorite places.

  • Moana

    Do you want to be a brave and adventurous princess? Do not know what to use at your birthday party, Halloween or event? Do you want to make a cosplay of a particular character? You can identify yourself with Moana, wearing this dress and live a wonderful new adventure day after day thanks to the theme offered by Quality Mascots Costumes, with those fancy dress.

    Moana is a girl who fights for her dreams and is not afraid of anything, Maui is a big and strong demigod. If you want to be like her or him, today you can achieve it and become your favorite character only with our company, where you will find a quality disguise so that you can enjoy your day being your favorite figure.

    These costumes are for adults and children, you can use it for comparsas, parades or any occasion and place, to have an adventure in the ocean like Moana. You and your daughter can disguise themselves and their companion Maui sharing pleasant moments and playing without stopping.

    You can not miss this opportunity to be the princess or character you want to be, using these botanies of Moana or Maui and spend many adventures together and unforgettable.

  • Costumes of The Incredibles - Disney Pixar

    The Incredibles have just arrived to Quality Mascots Costumes to bring fun and tons of entertainment to you. These good quality characters will be the main attraction of not only kids, but also adults at any event you might have. Events like kids birthday parties, corporate events, schools, universities, fundraisings, picnics, carnivals and more. These costumes are also the perfect idea to wear on Halloween and are made for the whole family.

    Bob Parr or better known as Mr. Increible is known for his strength and dexterity, he cares for and protects his family, he is a great father and superhero. Helen Parr or also known as Elastigirl is the mother of this incredible family, who defends them with any skill and agility. Violeta is the older sister, a teenage girl who has the power to become invisible. Dash is the second brother, he is fast. Finally there is the incredible baby Jack Jack family, who has several powers, one of them is to change shape.

    These fancy dress will be beautiful to use in comparsas or parades and children's parties, so you can enjoy the moment with friends or family. They are of high quality, they are made for children and adults, you will feel incredible with those skills and you will be able to show others their power.

    You can not miss this opportunity to become your favorite character, wearing this disguise and move from the movie to real life. You can be any member of this great incredible family and be one of these heroes in red.

  • Toy Story

    The most exciting story of the toys loved by adults and children invades us, the characters of Toy Story came to Quality Mascots Costumes if you have no idea what to dress up for this Halloween, your birthday, events or any special date, you have at your disposal any costumes of all the characters of this movie and feel like one of them.

    If you ever thought what it feels like to live a toy adventure with friends, family or even better celebrate a special date, do not miss this opportunity. Take out the cowboy you carry inside with Woody who comes from the old West to fight the villains; The dream of being an astronaut comes thanks to Buzz, who together with the cowboy are the perfect pair to fight against the evil Emperor Zurg, which does not stop being a disguise option if you want to show the rebelliousness inside you.

    The girls are not left aside, because we have the companion of adventures of Woody, Jessy who is a brave cowgirl. In addition you can not miss the inseparable Mr. and Ms. face of potato, who can be the perfect choice for parents who want to give a warm atmosphere to children. For animal lovers there is Rex and the dog Slinky, who with their sympathy are the perfect company to complete the perfect theme.

    Do not miss this great opportunity to be your favorite characters and have fun with this disguise, in school, university, company, comparsas, parades, picnics, carnivals, fundraisings; being a perfect idea for any corporate event, with these fancy dress that are made not only for kids but also for adults.