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Toy Story

Toy Story

The most exciting story of the toys loved by adults and children invades us, the characters of Toy Story came to Quality Mascots Costumes if you have no idea what to dress up for this Halloween, your birthday, events or any special date, you have at your disposal any costumes of all the characters of this movie and feel like one of them.

If you ever thought what it feels like to live a toy adventure with friends, family or even better celebrate a special date, do not miss this opportunity. Take out the cowboy you carry inside with Woody who comes from the old West to fight the villains; The dream of being an astronaut comes thanks to Buzz, who together with the cowboy are the perfect pair to fight against the evil Emperor Zurg, which does not stop being a disguise option if you want to show the rebelliousness inside you.

The girls are not left aside, because we have the companion of adventures of Woody, Jessy who is a brave cowgirl. In addition you can not miss the inseparable Mr. and Ms. face of potato, who can be the perfect choice for parents who want to give a warm atmosphere to children. For animal lovers there is Rex and the dog Slinky, who with their sympathy are the perfect company to complete the perfect theme.

Do not miss this great opportunity to be your favorite characters and have fun with this disguise, in school, university, company, comparsas, parades, picnics, carnivals, fundraisings; being a perfect idea for any corporate event, with these fancy dress that are made not only for kids but also for adults.