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Sesame Street

Sesame Street

For many, their favorite show is Sesame Street, at Quality Mascots Costumes we have all the costumes from this incredible production. Our mascot costumes are made of sponge with large mesh in the eyes or mouth where they can breathe. These incredible mascots are the same as the ones on the show, they will think you took them from TV, everyone will be surprised. We work with quality materials, we have all your favorite characters Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Julia, among others.

You can buy these costumes to surprise a special person or for your business. Can you imagine seeing Elmo at the door of your business? All the children will want to enter. These Sesame Street costumes attract the attention of adults and kids. If you have a production company for children's events, these dolls will serve you well and you can have all the children's favorite characters and increase the sale in your business.

From today you will be able to do many happy dances because a tender friend came to make you smile and learn new things together. All that and more can be done with Elmo Costume, the most comfortable of all costumes, fluffy, only here at Quality Mascots Costumes. With just one purchase you will have a new friend at home, you can wear this costume whenever you want and surprise your friends and family, you will move to the rhythm of the music you like the most.

We all love cookies, and if you like to devour them, there is a friend who could eat all the cookies in the world, he is a monster, but a lot of fun, it is the Cookie Monster costume. Together they can make a competition eat cookies until they can no longer. The materials used are very comfortable, ideal for any type of event in which you participate, and want to bring smiles to adults and children. You will have the best memories if you buy this mascot now, do not wait any longer to live the experience with Quality Mascots Costumes.

Magic, joy and fun make the perfect combination, but it can be better if you bring home the Abby Cadabby mascot, with flower details in her hair, a light blue dress, touches of glitter, and two magic wings to complete the perfect characterization. The best costume you can choose for any occasion, just let your imagination take you for a walk and you will live unforgettable stories with this adorable little friend. She will teach you many magic tricks that you will learn very quickly.

Yellow is very special for everyone, it symbolizes joy and is perfect for the new year, but it would be even more so if you buy the Big Bird costume now; our huge yellow friend comes recharged with madness to receive a very happy birthday. The materials used are of high quality and planned for the comfort of our customers, we like to think of everything, so we have at your fingertips this fabulous character that will arrive at the door of your house if you call our contact now. Big Bird will be very happy to be with you, make jokes, dance and that you can dress up as him because we know you are a fan, we also bring the best price on the market for you, what are you waiting for to experience the magic of Sesame Street with Big Bird?

There are many stories to tell, and the right character for it is Count Von Count, he loves to tell everything he can, and more than one will learn to tell in his own style, in the most fun way to have a fun time. The count's costume is very elegant, it has a coat, black pants, a cape, and black shoes to give it a touch of mystery, it is very comfortable to wear anywhere and made with high-quality materials. You can take all the photographs you want, show off to your friends that you live with the count accountant and challenge them to say a number so that together with him you can tell everything that is within your reach. We are sure that you will not regret buying this wonderful costume, because only Quality Mascots Costumes can make it possible, at the best price on the market, this costume would be great to wear on Halloween, a very fun party.

Julia is a very sweet, attentive, and very creative girl. She is special in her way, she always likes to do things in a different way, she loves to share with friends, always plays and now you can have a costume of her to play with the whole family. She has nice orange hair, a pink and purple shirt, and green shorts. You will be able to jump in total comfort thanks to the quality of the suit and all the energy that this beautiful character from Sesame Street that we already have for sale. All you have to do is want to have fun in a special and different way, because, with a single call, Julia will arrive at the door of your house to make all those who want to be her friends happy, buy now this wonderful costume that only Quality Mascots Costumes it can offer.

For Berth and Ernie, everything is better dancing, they like to learn singing and dancing, they could do that all day long, although Ernie is a little more cheerful and Berth growls a little, they both complement each other because they are the best friends in the world. Both costumes have crazy hair, they have striped shirts and very comfortable pants. We are sure you adore these mascots and more than one will want to have costumes like these to surprise their family and friends. You can use it with your best friend or with a family member to give him an incredible surprise or for your business. This crazy couple wants to discover a world and they are for sale for you, do not miss the opportunity to buy these characters that belong to our great collection of Sesame Street and live the Quality Mascots Costumes experience to the fullest.

He has a sacred hymn that represents him, there is no need to stand up, you just have to hug each other, he always invites everyone to join in to be grumpy like him, but he always ends up bringing a smile to others. He is a great green character, he has very big eyebrows, he loves mud, he has an infectious laugh, he loves dirt and being inside a garbage can, but he ends up singing many fun songs that from now on you can share with friends and family in any time of the year, you just have to make a call, buy it and go.

The quality of the Oscar costume is very good, it provides maximum comfort in any of the available sizes that we have because we know that adults and children want to embody this magnificent character and try to make jokes to more than one and make many puns. Call now and buy our incredible mascot, it is part of our Sesame Street Costumes.

Espinete loves to learn new things, he is very curious and this time he discovered how to echo, he is looking for new friends to play, dance, and jump with while still learning. Espinete is an adorable pink mascot, with brown spiky hair that characterizes it as the prettiest on Sesame Street. This great costume is for sale for you, so you can have it at any occasion, party or event and use it for all time of parties where joy will be the first, it is available in sizes for all people, because we think of you and your desire to have incredible moments with the characters of Sesame Street. We know you are a true fan, call now and feel the Quality Mascots Costumes experience.

You are ready to fill yourself with energy, to climb mountains, travel the world as a traveler by vocation, now you can be a globetrotter like Don Pimpon, the idea is to have fun and have new adventures to share with friends and family. You will never forget where you are with this adorable mascot, which is on sale for you and all true Sesame Street fans. The costume has a funny yellow nose, a white hat, blue overalls, and a red and yellow t-shirt, Don Pimpon is the best option.

Buy our mascots now and you will have an incredible experience thanks to the comfort offered by the quality of our products, with great finishes and the only objective is to make adults and children smile, because we have the sizes you need available, just call now and We will give you all the information to start the fun. You can buy our costumes to grow your business, you can use it in children's events, graduations, carnivals, theaters. Our clients guarantee the quality of our costumes only with Quality Mascots Costumes you can make all the costumes you want to come true. Contact us and we will gladly assist you, we deliver around the world.