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PJ Masks

PJ Masks

Imagine being able to save the day, help your neighbor, defeat all the villains with your friends at night, while in the morning you are a student and tender children; that story full of adventure and joy you will live with our themed PJ Mask Costume, which brings the best character costumes for you.

We have the best quality products, you can order anywhere in the world and in all available sizes, to ensure maximum comfort and fun with each of the members of your beautiful family. We introduce you to each of the costumes in this amazing pajama theme.

Catboy is the great leader of this group of superheroes, he has the ability of super speed and feline hearing. He has an amazing blue suit. Imagine running through the park, dancing, defending your friends. Catboy always has something in mind "to teach to be a hero", so, you cannot miss the great opportunity to buy this costume that we have for sale to make a special being happy.

Our next PJ Mask costume is Gekko, he wants to share his powers: camouflage you in nature thanks to the green color, have so much strength to carry up to 2 tons, without a doubt that would go a long way to help your friends and family. This incredible mascot is amazing, very comfortable and now it can be yours, what are you waiting to order it?

She is Owlette, a very happy girl with the power to create a whirlwind with her wings, a vision of Owl, with which she can see villains from far away and be always ready for action. You will have that power if you decide on this beautiful red costume, you will save the day wherever you go and the best thing is that you will do it together with your friends, without a doubt, learn to be a great heroine.

There is no crazier scientist than him, Romeo is the craziest villain of all and will seek to conquer good using his mobile laboratory creating a new invention every day. Despite this, it is very funny and we have his costume because he will teach a lot of positive science to all those who want to learn, his suit is perfect, he has scientist glasses, a very funny crazy hairstyle and his characteristic white robe, blue gloves and black boots. This mascot can also be used to teach children that being a scientist is fun or for some teachers who want to surprise their students. Do you want to see the smile on the faces of many children? This costume is for you.

Those mascots can be used for any party or event, you can use it at a Halloween party, a children's party, a costume party or some carnivals. You can also use it in your business to increase your sales or start an event business. Do you want to surprise your son or daughter at their birthday party? Well, you can wear this costume and be his favorite character from PJ Mask. Don't miss the opportunity to see the joy and excitement in your child's eyes, this may be the best surprise of their life.

We have different sizes in all our mascots and if you want a custom costume, we can also do it, whatever costume you have in mind. Our mascots are made of sponge with large mesh in the eyes or mouth of the costumes where you can see and receive ventilation. All our mascots costumes are the same as the image they see on the screen, our clients from around the world guarantee it. Start your children's event producer with these incredible quality costumes.

We know that there are many fans of this theme, that's why we take it anywhere in the world, because our goal is to make each one of our costumes happy. There is nothing better than sharing adventures and we are sure that you want to live unforgettable moments, that is why they are for sale with the best prices on the market, do not wait any longer to live the experience with Quality Mascots Costumes.