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Do you want to be a brave and adventurous princess? Do not know what to use at your birthday party, Halloween or event? Do you want to make a cosplay of a particular character? You can identify yourself with Moana, wearing this dress and live a wonderful new adventure day after day thanks to the theme offered by Quality Mascots Costumes, with those fancy dress.

Moana is a girl who fights for her dreams and is not afraid of anything, Maui is a big and strong demigod. If you want to be like her or him, today you can achieve it and become your favorite character only with our company, where you will find a quality disguise so that you can enjoy your day being your favorite figure.

These costumes are for adults and children, you can use it for comparsas, parades or any occasion and place, to have an adventure in the ocean like Moana. You and your daughter can disguise themselves and their companion Maui sharing pleasant moments and playing without stopping.

You can not miss this opportunity to be the princess or character you want to be, using these botanies of Moana or Maui and spend many adventures together and unforgettable.