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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This is throughout history, the group of friends best known to all, could not miss in Quality Mascots Costumes, our friends from the house of Mickey Mouse; Make your dream come true and give life to the character you want by celebrating a special date.

The most loved mouse by all, Mickey Mouse, who accompanied by the sweet Minnie Mouse are the ideal option for adults and children, to spend a pleasant moment among friends; there are also the adorable Donald and Daysi, who accompany the adventures of mice at all times.

You can not miss Micky's inseparable friend, we refer to Pluto who, with his antics, gives joy to the house of the mouse. We also have a crazy Goofy that with his witticisms always makes his friends laugh and share unforgettable adventures. If you also want to be part of these inseparable characters, you have the option to interpret your favorite through the disguise made with top quality materials that provides the necessary comfort to make your moments, unique. These costumes are not just for kids, they are also made for adults.

If you have no idea what to use in Halloween, events like kids birthday parties, corporate events, schools, universities, fundraisings, picnics, carnivals, parade and more; do not miss the opportunity to acquire this fancy dress through our company, to use them in your favorite places.