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Costumes of The Incredibles - Disney Pixar

Costumes of The Incredibles - Disney Pixar

The Incredibles have just arrived to Quality Mascots Costumes to bring fun and tons of entertainment to you. These good quality characters will be the main attraction of not only kids, but also adults at any event you might have. Events like kids birthday parties, corporate events, schools, universities, fundraisings, picnics, carnivals and more. These costumes are also the perfect idea to wear on Halloween and are made for the whole family.

Bob Parr or better known as Mr. Increible is known for his strength and dexterity, he cares for and protects his family, he is a great father and superhero. Helen Parr or also known as Elastigirl is the mother of this incredible family, who defends them with any skill and agility. Violeta is the older sister, a teenage girl who has the power to become invisible. Dash is the second brother, he is fast. Finally there is the incredible baby Jack Jack family, who has several powers, one of them is to change shape.

These fancy dress will be beautiful to use in comparsas or parades and children's parties, so you can enjoy the moment with friends or family. They are of high quality, they are made for children and adults, you will feel incredible with those skills and you will be able to show others their power.

You can not miss this opportunity to become your favorite character, wearing this disguise and move from the movie to real life. You can be any member of this great incredible family and be one of these heroes in red.