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Dog Patrol

Dog Patrol

The best dogs came to Quality Mascots Costumes to fill you with joy and surprise. The Paw Patrol in charge of Ryder, Marshall, Chase, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma and Everest want to live many  adventures with you. You can use these costumes to start your business, for children's parties or any type of event.

Don’t miss the opportunity to prepare a surprise for your special one and see his face of happiness. These are quality costumes, made by our staff with the clothes and accessories just like your favorite TV characters.

The best firefighter of all, Marshal will always give his best, he is the fastest firefighter puppy in the world, he is the master of breaking records and he is ready to help in whatever you need, he will definitely be your best friend. It’s a cute Dalmatian puppy, with a red vest or firefighter helmet, very comfortable to wear anywhere, it is one of the best costumes you can have and a fundamental part of our Dog Patrol costumes. This mascot is already for sale, because we think about the joy of the little ones in the house and all the joy that can be given with a costume with this one, we have the available sizes that you need, you just have to call now and request the purchase; Quality Mascots Costumes is the best choice.

The good police dog is also part of this magnificent patrol, Chase is always alert for any emergency, solving mysteries or finding the crazy redfish. He is very intelligent and full of energy to meet the goals of the day. The costume of this cute is already on sale, his fur is brown, he has a police hat, a blue vest and a medal with a star for being a great mascot and being essential to solve all the mysteries of Paw Patrol. Feeling comfortable has never been so easy, this and all our costumes are high quality, we handle different sizes for all customer tastes. Be part of the Quality Mascots Costumes family, buy now and live the best shopping experience with our team.

Ryder loves making friends, he is the leader of Dog Patrol, he is always aware of everything that happens in the city to organize the team and save the day. He is a very intelligent boy and loved by all his mascots. Now you can impersonate the leader of Dog Patrol with the new costume that we have for sale, no matter the size, we have the right ones for you, you just have to call us and we will make sure you receive all the necessary information to make your purchase safe. The costume has a vest in white, red and light blue details, blue pants and the unique hair of this great leader; The materials we use are comfortable and of quality that will give the best surprise to family and friends, we are sure that more than one will have fun.

Nothing is difficult for him, Rubble is always ready for action, always alert when Ryder needs him. He is indicated to lift the most thoughtful sadness and turn it into joy, it will always be a good option to give a gift to the little ones in the house and make them very happy. This great costume is already available in our store, you just have to request it and it will arrive at your door anywhere in the world, the sizes available are varied; to call, one of our advisors will give you the information you need to be happy with your purchase. The costume includes the character in brown fur color, a yellow helmet and vest and the inevitable medal with a good puppy star, it is the perfect combination to give a pleasant surprise to more than one, do not wait any longer to be part of the Quality Mascots Costumes family.

An adorable mascot, Skye with big furry ears, loves helping people and being part of the Dog Patrol team; the aviator of these funny little dogs is always solving more than one problem in the heights, always leaving everything for the team. The costume has a light brown fur, has a backpack, a vest and a pair of wind glasses in pink, all ready for action anywhere in the world, because no matter where you are, our costume is for sale and available to make our customers happy. We have several sizes available to make it more comfortable. Be part of the Quality Mascots Costumes family with the best costumes for all types of events, give more than a costume, a complete experience.

A recycling specialist, Rocky with him you will learn a lot about caring for the environment, he is the friend to take care of the world from pollution and he is ready to represent a dog patrol in any eco-friendly competition. The costume is of an Australian Shepherd puppy, with lead-colored fur, has a green backpack, cap and vest, and the inevitable recycler champion medal to give the best appearance to this great character. We have sizes available to make your experience more comfortable. It is a very comfortable pet to use on any occasion, available to reach any part of the world, because it is already on sale to make adults and children happy at home; Quality Mascots Costumes is the best choice for you.

He is a puppy specialized in aquatic rescues, he loves to do underwater research, but, above all, until he cannot, his name is Zuma and he comes home with the sole objective of making everyone happy. The costume is of a brown labrador puppy, it has a vest, orange helmet and its champion medal the inevitable water. He is full of enough energy to infect adults and children and have a good time. We have sizes available to make your experience more comfortable. This mascot is for sale and reaches anywhere in the world, thanks to your friends from Quality Mascots Costumes, you just have to call us and we will give you the necessary information, the key to happiness with this adorable mascot.

Pink Dog Patrol's best friend has arrived, the caretaker of the mountains, always attentive to rescue other lost or endangered animals, her name Everest and this season comes to play with all the puppies and make your family happy. This cute mascot's costume is purple, has a light blue vest and helmet and a medal that she won for making many children around the world happy, she loves her work and we do too, that's why it's on sale for you, to make you smile.

Our products reach any part of the world and in all available sizes, you just have to order the purchase now and you will start living a fantasy moment that only Quality Mascots Costumes can offer you. We have different sizes S, M, L, XL and 2XL, we make custom costumes. If you have any questions just write to us and we will gladly answer you, we are here to assist you as best we can. Our clients support us, we have the best prices in the market and we arrive around the world. Buy our mascots from the comfort of your home and you will receive it at your door.